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The True and Authentic History of the Opa Opa Brewing Company

(As told by the Opa-Opa fellows)

Once upon a time in a land far away, a few fellows had a dream. They left their far away home and headed to the New World seeking fame, fortune and adventure. After days of travel, they arrived in the Pioneer Valley. Taken with its beauty and friendly natives, the fellows decided to settle down. Southampton was their new home. Life was good.
Still something was missing. The call of the wild beckoned. A call they could not resist. Over the hill they went, heading west, in search of their new dream. Early one spring morn they arrived. “Opa-Opa!” they exclaimed with joy. “We’ve found it. This will be the best Brewery in the land!”
The days were hard and the nights long. With the help of some good people and a Master Brewer named Dan, they persevered. The Opa Opa Brewing Company was born. Now folks from all over can enjoy the award winning brews that have made the Opa-Opa name famous. Come visit the brewery that started it all. The Opa-Opa continues to be Southampton’s Legendary Brewery… where you can find some great brews and a few good fellows too! With all the local support, the fellows managed to continue their success by opening a second facility in Williamsburg, MA. Please visit us at both of our locations: Southampton, MA and Williamsburg, MA.MA.